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progress report

work has been draining, and it's been hard to find the motivation to work on PsyPets, but I finally got some stuff done today!

I mostly focused on rebuilding the code for crafting, both as solo projects, and group projects. it's shaping up to look like this at the moment:

1. the pet(s) spend time planning out how to build the item. for VERY simple items, this step is skipped, and until you get to higher-level items, this step will be relatively short. planning may involve group discussions, going to the library or searching online for information, or sketching out ideas on Paper (which will produce, ex, Smithing Notes that can be used to train pets in the skill, or used during future planning activities). Intelligence, and to a lesser extent, Wits (being renamed to Improvisation) are important stats here. this part of the code is largely complete.

2. the pet(s) then attempt to gather the items. I didn't get any work done here, because frankly, it's going to be the hardest part! they'll always look at home, first, to see if the items are available, but if not, need to decide HOW to get the items they want. this could be adventuring, mining, etc. how long this takes will depend on the number of items needed, and the number available at home.

3. finally, the pet(s) will BUILD the item(s). this update will also come with the ability for a project to produce MULTIPLE items at once. the current limitation of "a project yields one item" has resulted in items like Egyptian Blue, which is an item that can be used by the player to yield multiple Blue Dye, and that's all it's useful for in the game. Egyptian Blue is nice, but it also hides the Blue Dye from the pets: pets looking for Blue Dye, are blind to Egyptian Blue. but under this new code, I can get rid of Egyptian Blue, and make its project instead just produce multiple Blue Dyes, making them immediately available to other pets. this part of the code is... let's say half done.

another bit of code that I still need to re-do: mastery!

once I've got all this done, I think I'll be pretty close to starting up a beta server where we can start trying this stuff out. that being said, MANY things will not be in place: for example, the villages talked about during the podcast, and the activity-related house add-ons will not have been updated (map room, menagerie, fireplace, etc). one small plus: bugs with items that cannot be crafted should be resolved, since this is entirely new crafting code... on the other hand, there will undoubtedly be NEW bugs - that's what beta is for!

— posted by That Guy Ben on 2014.11.23, 09:45:16pm UTC