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another progress report

another report on the new house code, and other changes. and again, to remind, these changes have not been made to, and I will make them available on a test/beta server before releasing to, in order to get your feedback.


I've been making some good progress on the all-new hourly pet action code. I'm still setting a lot of groundwork code, but I do have pets interacting with items in order to gain love/safety/esteem, in the exact same way as they do now. recoding things that already work is kind of a drag, but it's gotta' be done, so...

BUT: next, I'm going to work on the crazy-new project code, which is of course what this is all about! again, the main points of the new project code are:
* to allow multiple pets to work simultaneously on the same project (ALL activities will be "projects")
* to reduce the need for materials
* to give pets things to do/accomplish that aren't related to items at all!
* to allow more dialog between pets and their owners, for example having them ask for life advice, which may affect how the pets approach certain problems

some add-ons will likely be re-purposed as part of this. for example, I'd love for pets to go and discover things, like the Fountain of Youth, or Atlantis. such discoveries definitely deserve to be recorded in your Map Room add-on, along with the journals of the pets who discover it. if you lack the add-on, the journal will instead be recorded to an item (Journal?) using Paper, which could be put into your Map Room add-on, once acquired.

I ALSO noticed that the PsyPets has bits and pieces of code related to alcohol that were never complete, so I'm taking the opportunity to implement that. I'm not sure what the full effects of alcohol will be, but so far I have coded:
* for purposes of Maslow's Hierarchy, a pet with sufficient alcohol in its system will consider it's safety and esteem needs as met, even if they are not (in the same way that a pet with Caffeine in its body considers its energy needs met, even if the pet would otherwise be exhausted).
* the more inebriated a pet, the less experience it gains

I'd also like to make inebriated pets get openness and extrovertedness boosts, get sleepy faster, and have a chance of spending their hour in a stupor if they have more alcohol in them then their stamina stat can handle.

I have not recoded pet relationship activities yet, but that is of course also on my list. it might be fun to have alcohol play a part here, too, but I don't want to get too carried away with new systems - there's lots to do for the new hourly code already - so we'll see.

moving on! maximum house size and pet counts.

first of all, I've changed how you increase your maximum allowed pets. instead of being by house size, I have it tied to badges. the following badges will increase the max pets you can have:
* license to commerce, and breeder's license
* castle, island, and big island badges
* six-month account, and one-year account badges
* 10, 30, 60, and 100-badges badges
* trained 20 stats badge
* level 50, and level 100 pet badges
* reincarnated a pet by level 50
* second temple donation badge
* museum wing, and second museum wing badges
* second recycling badge
* second giving tree badge

and I know this will be controversial, but I feel it's necessary to keep the servers running smoothy: since there will be fewer items in the game, and to fix problems players experience when running house with large houses, I've also reduced the maximum house size and maximum pets allowed. I have not settled on exact numbers at this time; some of that will have to be figured out during beta testing.

I hope that the move away from items will help make this transition easier. one reason, currently, for having lots of pets is because many items need to be provided by lower-level pets in order to fuel the demands of higher-level pets. but under the new system, pets will just get those items as part of their project; it will be guaranteed. so supplementary gathering/crafting pets will not be required. I know that some players also like having lots of pets for their own sake, and not for efficiency reasons. for these players, I'd like to look into allowing multiple households per account, or at least tying accounts together such that they can be easily switched between.

I know it's not possible to make everyone happy with such a big change, but hopefully I can make MOST of you happy. it's hard to tell what the best way to go is, so I'm going to save that discussion for when the beta/test server is up and running... so people can play with it, see how it really feels, and find the best/happiest solution, whether that's a change to how accounts are handled, how pets act during hourly activities, or whatever.

FINALLY, I've also been making some small, unrelated changes:
* ice cream recipes will no longer be able to be made without an ice cream maker
* in the "searchable profiles", I've replaced "gender" with "identity", and expanded the options to: female.pngmale.pngtrans.pngtrans2.pngasex.pngfemale2.pngmale2.pnglove.pngquestion.png
* I've made some style tweaks to buttons and drop-downs
* there are more-varied pet dreams, and I fixed a bug that prevented pets from dreaming about their friends
* I've reduced airship mooring to a list of any constructed airships, and a link to take apart the airship; no ability to view, modify, or create more. still not sure what to do with this add-on in the long run.

— posted by That Guy Ben on 2014.10.20, 04:28:13am UTC