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yeah, so I'm'a keep doing these progress reports

not sure if this is of interest, but: I've been trying to set aside one day a week where I am free to work on PsyPets for a few solid hours. that's been going well! and I've managed to sneak in extra time on extra days, too, so: yay [happy]

today I spent more time on live than on any new code. I've been trying to skim over various sections of the plaza to see if there's any Q&A I can answer, or error reports, or whatever. there's been some problem with people getting half-kicked out of groups such that they can't re-join properly, so I spent some time fixing up people's accounts. and looking at that code again, it's absolutely atrocious (comma-separated lists?! arjhghagh!) and I need to fix it, but I think that'll have to wait.

but, then, see, I say that, but today the work I did on new code was moving a bunch of files around and updating URLs (moved all the pet-related scripts into the web/pet directory); I didn't get ANY work done on the new hour code.

I suppose that's not entirely true: I did get to talk on the Game Ideas thread about some stuff, and responded to some concerns in the previous City Hall post's threads, and that got me thinking about some new possibilities, too, so that's good!

I really want this to be a more-open process than previous. I want to again remind you guys that you can keep up with all the work I'm doing on the new code by peeking at, and once that stuff is ready, I'll be posting it to a test/beta server so you guys can play with it and give feedback before the changes I posted to proper.

I realize most of you guys can't make heads or tails of code. I've tried to leave messages with my commits that are human-readable... and actually, lemme dig up some URLs...

* here is a list of all the "commits" I make to the PsyPets code. again, almost none of the changse there are on yet, but it will give you a sense of the changes to come!
* ...

... hm... well, I was going to find some example commits that were maybe somewhat human-readable, and also link to those, but I wasn't able to find anything human-readable [is suspicious]

and that's my fault: I'm often waiting until I've made a TON of changes until committing the code, resulting in huge, hard-to-read commits. I'll try to break things down a little more in the future, so that if you guys want to check out the changes to a particular file, you'll hopefully be able to make SOME sense of things.

like if a commit ever said "changed the strength of alcohol on pets", you'd ideally be able to click on it, and easily see where I changed the math that guides how alcohol affects pets, or whatever. that was just an example.

but looking at my commits so far, god, it'd be impossible. so I'll try to do a better job of that in the future.

I notice I also haven't always written super-descriptive descriptions for the commits; I'll try to be better about that, too.


WELL. anyway.

I've been tending to schedule Wednesdays for "work on PsyPets in the evening"-days, but I'm flying out with my best friend Katie to see my dad in Indianapolis early next week, so that might get pushed back, but whenever I happen to get another good chunk of work in, I'll definitely let you guys know, as I've been.

— posted by That Guy Ben on 2014.10.23, 05:18:18am UTC