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PsyPets is an open-source project! That means you can contribute to the game, or even start your own copy!

The source code is available on GitHub.

Try out out TerrePets, one of PsyPets' siblings!

Aileen and I would like to do a (non-live) broadcast to answer your questions...!

the "live broadcasting" page is apparently broken; I'll have to fix that eventually, but the wiki is probably more important...

SO: if anyone has any topics or questions they'd like addressed, go ahead and post them in this thread. Aileen and I will endeavor to answer them while rambling about our hopes and dreams for the future of PsyPets. I'll see if I can convince Stephen to join us, as well, but he's a busy fellow.

this will not be a live broadcast; I'll post the MP3 for download when we're done recording, and I finish editing. hopefully we'll find the time for that before the weekend's over.

just to recap who we all are:

Aileen: she drew most of the pet graphics for PsyPets during her psychology classes in college, back before PsyPets was called PsyPets; before there was a park, pawn shop, or even storage! she sees things in ways I never could, and is a person blessed with good ideas.

Stephen (if I can grab him): studied neuroscience, but got tired of that, so went on to become a professional game designer. he's worked for Microsoft, and is now working for Amazon (they make games now! weird!) he keeps trying to convince me to move to Seattle, but is otherwise a person blessed with good ideas [razz]

Ben: that's me! the crazy guy who programs PsyPets when he isn't too busy making government web sites for work. I won't compliment myself, because that seems weird.

— posted by That Guy Ben on 2014.10.31, 04:58:48pm UTC