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Item Encyclopedia > 12-hour Food Box

12-hour Food Box

7185 exist in the game; 420 more have been donated to The Museum.

Contains enough to keep a pet fed for exactly 12 hours time. It's amazing how they can measure that stuff so precisely these days. Back in my day we had to keep count of the time in our heads. If you ever lost count, which you sometimes did, you'd have to ask someone else what time it was and hope they hadn't also lost count by that time. Some days everyone in town forgot what time it was, and so we'd get together and just make up a time. If people were hungry, and they usually were after all that arguing about what time it could be, we'd tend to pick noon so we could all get lunch. Now you might wonder why we didn't just look at the sun, but who do you think was going to be stupid enough to look up at the sun and blind themselves just to figure out the time?

Size / Weight6 / 6
  • Can be used: "Open"

Current Market Information
Gamesell Value?29m
Pawn Shop AvailabilityCan get at the Pawn Shop;
cannot give to the Pawn Shop (or Greenhouse)
Seller's Market High Bidnone
Auction House Lowest Bidnone
Flea Market Lowest Offernone
Refuse Store Inventory72m (1106 available)