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New to PsyPets? Feeling a little confused? PsyPets is a big place, and there's a lot to it, but hopefully I can point you in the right direction.

Game Play Basics
Other Resources
  • HERG Staff (NPCs)
    Links to the profiles of the HERG staff, and the various entrepreneurs.
  • PsyHelp
    A PsyPets wiki maintained by other PsyPets players. It contains collected knowledge on items, game mechanics, and other things. Since it is maintained by other players, it's accuracy cannot be guaranteed... but it's pretty good :)
  • How PsyPets Was Made (at PsyHelp)
    Lots of people are curious to know how I actually created the game. This should give you an idea.
  • Design Philosophies
    There are certain feelings PsyPets wants to convey, and experiences it wants to create.
  • Banned URLs
    A scant few URLs are banned on PsyPets, and cannot be included in Plaza posts or PsyMail. This page contains a list of the URLs, and the reasons for their banning.
  • "Recommended" Reading
    A list of books that have given me ideas for PsyPets and/or been purchased with the idea that they'll give me ideas for PsyPets :P Some of these are really fun, and definitely worth checking out, or even buying.
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