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Help Desk > Pet Care > Energy

When a pet is awake, its Energy decreases by 1 per hour. When it gets to 0 or below, the pet becomes exhausted, and the increase of Safety, Love, Esteem, and experience points becomes impossible.


Before it gets that bad, however, a pet will usually go to sleep itself. While a pet is sleeping, its Energy increases by 1 per hour, its Food decreases more slowly than usual, and its Safety, Love, and Esteem do not drop at all.

A pet will not wake up until its Energy is above 0, and usually sleeps until its Energy is completely refilled, or at least close to it.

You can attempt to put a pet to sleep as a half-hourly action, however the more Energy a pet has, the less likely this action is to succeed.

You can attempt to wake a pet up as a half-hourly action. This succeeds if the pet has more than 0 energy hours (i.e. its energy need is met, even if only barely).


A caffeinated pet almost entirely ignores its Energy: the pet will not go to sleep, and even if its Energy drops below 0, it will not become exhausted.

Its Energy value, however, is still counting down! If the pet runs out of Caffeine and its energy is below 0, it will become exhausted.

If a pet's Energy gets too low while caffeinated, the pet will fall unconscious (sleep).