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Help Desk > Item Availability

An item's "availability" refers to how the item may be acquired. Most items are "Common" - they can be acquired through normal gameplay - but a few can be acquired only as prizes for special events, purchased with Favor, or other means.

CommonMay be acquired through normal play. It's worth noting that "Common" items may in fact be rather hard to get, and therefore quite rare.
LimitedSome Limited items used to be Common, but have since been discontinued; these items might become Common again later. Maybe. Other Limited items are prizes for special in-game events, and will probably never be made Common.
CustomCustom items are created by other players, for example by using the Combination Station. Some players sell their custom items at the Custom Item Market.
FavorThese items are available for Favor. Many Favor items are available only during certain times of the year, from certain NPCs (notably, The Smithery's Unique Item Shop).
ErstwhileThese items used to be available for Favor, but were discontinued. However, they are now available at random via the Erstwhile Wand.
Cross-gameYou can receive these items by performing certain actions in other games I've made, such as Fifth Age.