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Many aspects of PsyPets require JavaScript, but it looks like your browser either doesn't support JavaScript, or JavaScript's been disabled!

  • If you're using a browser without JavaScript support, or with poor JavaScript support, you should probably switch browsers for playing PsyPets.

  • If you've disabled JavaScript within your browser, please enable it while playing PsyPets.

  • If you're using NoScript, or a similar plugin, or some other internet security software that blocks JavaScript, you should inform it that PsyPets is cool and awesome and trustworthy. Because it is :)

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PsyPets wouldn't be possible without open-source software, not just the stuff listed below, but Linux, Apache, GZIP, PNG, and hundreds of pieces of software I'm sure I'm not even aware of!

To the thousands of people who came before me and made this all possible, thank you!


Copyright (c) 2010 John Resig,

Distributed under the MIT License.

How PsyPets Uses It

When you click on something on a web site, and the content magically changes without the page reloading, JavaScript - a programming language understood by all modern browsers - is probably responsible. (Sometimes it's Flash, but that's... well, nevermind Flash right now.)

All the cool web pages you know and love, from Google to Facebook, use JavaScript because of how awesome it can make web pages. JavaScript, however, can be a bit difficult to work with from time to time, and has a number of infamous quirks and misbehaviors...

Thankfully, jQuery exists. It's got its own quirks, to be sure, but jQuery not only makes dealing with JavaScript a bearable task by eliminating cross-browser issues and wrapping common tasks into easy-to-use functions, it also fills in a lot of gaps and provides some niceties that plain JavaScript would otherwise be missing.

jQuery is a pretty popular library among web developers, and is working its magic behind the scenes on a lot of the web pages you visit on a regular basis, PsyPets included! (You visit regularly, right!? :P)