ALRIGHT: PsyPets needs some serious fixin', and it's the work week, so I don't have as much time as I'd like to do this. To prevent further data loss, PsyPets will be down until I get things sorted out.

Sorry about all the trouble these last few days. When PsyPets returns, it will be fully functioning! In the meanwhile:

Many aspects of PsyPets require JavaScript, but it looks like your browser either doesn't support JavaScript, or JavaScript's been disabled!

  • If you're using a browser without JavaScript support, or with poor JavaScript support, you should probably switch browsers for playing PsyPets.

  • If you've disabled JavaScript within your browser, please enable it while playing PsyPets.

  • If you're using NoScript, or a similar plugin, or some other internet security software that blocks JavaScript, you should inform it that PsyPets is cool and awesome and trustworthy. Because it is :)

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MySQL connection error 1040

MySQL is the database which stores all of your user and pet information, inventory, mail, and so on.

Apparently the server had trouble connecting to it. This is a bad thing.

Try again in a few minutes. If the problem persists, I probably know about it, and am working on a solution.