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computerliker6 > Pocketfull of Mumbles

Does not have a favorite color.
Really likes the taste of Celery.
Really dislikes the taste of Cheese.
Likes boys.
Isn't interested in girls.
Pocketfull of Mumbles is a 13 year-old female in computerliker6's House.
Level: 154
Size: 16.6
Blood type: 0- (genotype OO--)

There are 404 other pets with this appearance.

Has special abilities!

  • Knack for sculpting
  • Knack for jeweling
Born on 2010.08.28, 09:41:16am under the care of Vicious Meow
Zodiac sign is Virgo Tiger

Knows 2 pets.

  • Shamus is awesome to be with, and irreplaceable. (Met 5 years, 2 weeks ago.)
  • Batu is awesome to be with, and irreplaceable. (Met 4 years, 8 months ago.)